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The Request

BiggerJ wrote:

Hold a contest, wherein you list an even number of past comics. At least one of these has to have been marked as a 'good' idea by its submitter, and at least one has to have been marked 'bad'. Give a prize, like a guaranteed request fulfillment, to the first person who correctly tells you which were marked 'good' and which were marked 'bad'. This, of course, won't work (or will it?) if you have never used any ideas marked 'bad'.

The Comic

February Contest comic

February 4, 2010

The Commentary

For reference: #3, #13, #30, #33, #46, #56, #104, and #111.

Enter the contest by posting your guesses in this forum thread. It will stay open until either someone gets them right or February ends.

As the request suggests, the prize is a guaranteed request fulfillment. (Provided your request doesn't require me to do something I really don't want to do. This part's kind of subjective. I'm mainly trying to avoid having to do "squawk like an imbecile and shit on your desk" kinds of ideas.) This can be a request you've already submitted, or a new one if you haven't sent in any.

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