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The Request

Raijinili wrote:

A comic such that, when folded into a d20, will tell us how to live our lives.

The Comic

Roll to Floss comic

May 18, 2010

The Commentary

Most of these have multiple interpretations. If you roll the pizza picture, it might have the obvious meaning that you should go make some pizza and eat it. But it could also mean that you should start a career as a pizza chef, or that you should throw a pizza party.

But the floss one always just means that you should floss more.

By the way, since I forgot to make it properly explicit before, the schedule for this month is weekly. This is so that I'll be able to do more involved strips like this one, which would be difficult to fit into a schedule of less time between strips. There are going to be two more this month: one kind of complicated one, and one that's way more complicated than any comic strip should be.

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