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The Request

Lester (nom de plume) wrote:

A comic in which a pun on the words 'feather boa' is used.

Perhaps the bear squad can think it's a snake and defeat it.

The Comic

Bear Squad vs. Feather Boa comic

November 7, 2010

The Commentary

I wasn't sure I'd have any use for that after Halloween. Fortunately, any object can be made useful through the right requests.

Speaking of useful objects, this weekend I picked up a Darwin Carmichael is Going to Hell tote bag, a whiteboard version of Dinosaur Comics, and a bunch of comics. NEWW was wonderful all around — it's a careful selection of the parts of a comic convention I care about, separated and enlarged to a full con of its own. Anyway, now that it's over, I'm heading down to New York for a couple days, and then it's back to DC. Update your maps of my location accordingly.

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