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The Request

Lewis wrote:

An 11 request medley.

HobomasterXXX wrote:

I would like to see a comic where some Lego discuss your favorite band.

not_on_display wrote:

A classic: what the things in your fridge talk to each other about after you close the door.

Chenjesu wrote:

A comic about a pear that never got ripe.

Will wrote:

Updates on how being vegetarian for a year is going.

Dave L wrote:

A discussion about how your skills have (or have not) improved since you started comics.

Anonymous wrote:

I request a comic about silly hats.

Anonymous wrote:

Combine panels from comics 58 and 222 to tell a story of a magical gender-changing grill!

Anonymous wrote:

Who won Miss Warmonger in 2009 and 2010?

Chenjesu wrote:

A comic about friendship.

Farren wrote:

Get so excited about comic 250 that you post it before comic 249.

The Comic

Request Comics #250 comic

February 1, 2011

The Commentary

Here's how you can tell Emily's a good friend. Not only was she up for having me take Miss Warmonger pictures at her place, but when I got there and asked if she had any pears on hand, she provided a suitably unripe one.

I guess I kind of judge friendships by how useful they are for making comics.

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