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The Request

Peter C wrote:

A comic in which the title begins with In which... such as In which Winnie the Pooh circumnavigates Mars.

Lewis Powell wrote:

As a sequel to the lego-man assault on rice: Lego men assault a bowl of candy or coins.

Chenjesu wrote:

A glue stick eating a piece of candy, which then is taken from him.

BatmanAoD wrote:

Anything with the punchline toast. With a few obvious exceptions, this is more difficult than you might expect.

Russ Woods wrote:

I'd like to see a comic that involves an entity (person, animal, thumb tack, etc.) that doesn't understand the difference between candles and candy.

Chenjesu wrote:

I request a comic about the value of money, without showing any actual money.

Lewis Powell wrote:

A world where people say pants instead of bad.

William wrote:

Jump the shark.

The Comic

In Which a Bowl of Candy Is Attacked comic

September 2, 2008

The Commentary

Don't expect me to do this sort of thing very often.

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