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April Donation drive

Ben Heaton here. Do you enjoy Request Comics? If so, why not support one of the best request-based photocomics currently online by donating some or no money?

For the month of April, I will be running a donation drive to see if I can raise enough money from Request Comics readers to match my current yearly salary. I'm unemployed, so this comes to $0. I've checked the numbers, and this should be achievable if all my readers contribute, on average, zero dollars. If you haven't given at least that much yet, please consider helping out.


Thanks to a generous SuperDonater, we've already exceeded the goal by a factor of over five hundred!

I have PayPal up, but I think there's an issue with it where they don't process payments of nothing, so only use PayPal for your donation if you're planning on a positive value.

But, I imagine you're wondering, why would you want to donate a positive value when the goal of the entire donation drive is less than one percent of that? Good question. It's because anyone who donates a nonzero amount (let's call them SuperDonaters) will receive some additional benefits.

SuperDonater benefits

Any amount: Complaining Rights

You know how people say you shouldn't complain about webcomics that are being provided to you for free? Well, as long as you've donated some money, you get to complain about Request Comics all you want. You'll receive a list of ways to contact me to complain directly, along with tips on how best to convince me that I haven't updated enough lately. Includes several methods that are more effective than emailing me, since I basically just deal with email complaints by forgetting to reply. Does not include my phone number, because that would be disturbing.

Complaining rights come with any PayPal donation.

Five dollars: Behind the Scenes

Is there an old strip you really like, and want to know more about? If you donate five dollars, I'll send you an email detailing the process behind it, how I came up with my end of things, whether anything unexpected happened during the making, and so on. We're talking way more depth than the strip comments, since I like to keep those brief. Depending on the strip, you may also receive some outtakes: shots that I took for the comic, but ended up not using. If you have any questions about the comic that still aren't answered by all this, ask me, and I'll see what I can do.

For example, if you pick strip #13: Mountain Cube, you'd learn how I went about writing it, what I did with the Rubik's cube and Mountain Dew afterward, how I took the pictures, and so forth. You'd also get some of the unused pictures, as well as a large version of panel 4, my favorite panel in that strip.

Be sure to pick something good; there's only so much I'd be able to say about a brief gimmicky strip like 77. If you pick a strip for which I haven't put together an information packet yet, this will take a day or two to process. Oh, and don't choose one of Albert's strips (the ones where the comments start with "Albert:"). I don't have as much inside info on those.

Ten dollars: Triple Behind the Scenes

As above, but for three strips of your choice. This is five dollars cheaper than making three separate five-dollar donations. Now that's savings!

Thousand dollars: Not Sure

If you donate over a thousand dollars, then . . . actually, I can't imagine anyone doing that. Tell you what, if you want to donate that much money, let me know what you think a good donation reward would be.


If you're donating five dollars or more, be sure to use the comment field in PayPal to put the number and title of the strip you want behind-the-scenes information on. If you're donating ten dollars or more, same goes, but for up to three strips. Or if you can't find a comment field in there, just email me with the same email you use for your PayPal account and I'll match it up. We'll make this work.

Thanks for supporting Request Comics. With your help, I believe I really can reach zero dollars.

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